This was quite an achievement and I’m very proud to have earned the Commitment to Excellence endorsement from the National Association of Realtors today!  My career is dedicated to being ethical and fair in all transactions, and I take that dedication very seriously.  

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C2EX endorsement
C2EX endorsement

C2EX endorsement can help REALTORS® improve their

Four months after the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) sent off the Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) program to support amazing skill, 21 Illinois REALTORS® have finished the program.

Two people who have acquired the C2EX underwriting, Peoria-region REALTOR® Suzanne L. Mill operator and Dixon-region REALTOR® Vicky Turner, appreciate the altered methodology that C2EX offers clients.

“I like that it is for everybody – in addition to an accomplished specialist or somebody simply getting everything rolling,” says Miller, the president for the Peoria Area Association of REALTORS® and a member in the Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Development Program. “C2EX is an instrument for yourself as well as your business.”

“I was eager to become familiar with the particular substance of the program, which incorporates a large number of points, including promotion, set of rules, fair lodging, innovation and NAR assets, a considerable lot of which I didn’t know about,” says Turner, bad habit seat of the Illinois REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee.

Through mid-March, 445 REALTORS® the nation over have procured the C2EX support and 16,000 have finished something like one portion of the program. A C2EX underwriting isn’t an assignment, a course or a necessity. It is an advantage for all NAR individuals. It is independent and the expense is incorporated as an advantage for every part, says NAR C2EX Program Specialist Courtney Jones.

“The program moves you to get out of your usual range of familiarity and take on a couple of new errands, such as being a coach, conveying client overviews and adding new assets to your range of abilities,” said Turner.