A home listed for sale on a Thursday may sell faster!

  • Homes sell faster when they’re listed on a Thursday versus any other day of the week. In some markets, 20% to 30% of homes are listed on a Thursday. More time on the market means more days keeping the house spotless, beds made and dishes put away for scheduled buyer appointments, and sometimes last-minute showings. So when time on the market matters, it’s best to consider listing a home for sale on a Thursday, and preferably during the Spring and Summer months.
Your house listing
your house listing

Alternatively, Sunday is the worst day to list for a quick sale.  Sunday listings tend to stay on the market 8 days longer than homes listed on a Thursday, which is a marginal change but when every day counts, it could make a difference.  Homes also tend to sit on the market longer starting in October, as families begin to settle in for the upcoming winter season.  
Ultimately, the best time to sell a home is when it makes the most sense for you based on your unique standpoint. Never hesitate to call me at (502)742-7311 to ensure your home will sell in the timeframe that works for you and your family!  

Source:  Zillow Research 2021